Sustainability & Fashion

 By Isabelle 

I've always loved recycling. It started from young - making pennies on returning aluminium cans. Today, I find myself resorting to my bins after my husband throws everything in the non-recycling bin.


Opening my shop has been an eye-opener. I receive so much unnecessary packaging and waste with my orders. Whether it be fast fashion or even high end, I'm contributing to the problem. Where possible, I'm looking for sustainable products, ironically though many arrive in an abundance for non-recycled packaging. As my business develops, this is something I'm going to push with my brands and suppliers.


Many of the brands I already stock like Inwear, Denim Hunter and Love, Sweat & Tees) use the better cotton initiative and are finding sustainable manufacturing processes to reduce overall environmental impacts.  


There are many ways fashion can be sustainable. From making clothes in a more environmentally ethical manner to buying secondhand/vintage/swapping/borrowing garments instead of purchasing newly produced clothes.

This image presents seven forms of (more) sustainable and circular fashion. The first verison was created in 2012 and was later updated in 2016. Created by Dr. Anna Brismar, Green Strategy (Copyright, Green Strategy).

All strategies promoting more environmentally, socially and ethically conscious production and consumption are essential steps towards a more sustainable industry.

Here are some fantastic products that are either sustainable, ethical and or organic. 

Jezabel Boutique will strive to become more ethical and sustainable as we evolve and grow.

 Here's an event we came across that you might be interested in where we can all learn more...


 Saturday 27 March, the Marie Claire Sustainability Virtual Festival